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Call Sounds




From time to time I will be offering FREE downloadable MP3 calling sounds from my personal library. The sounds have been assembled and mixed by me personally, however, I'm not positive of the origin of some of the samples used in these mixes so I cant offer them for sale. These were produced for my own use but I would like to share them with you in hopes that you will have the same level success that I have had with them.

Note: These call sounds are being offered free of charge as a benefit to our customers, however, We can not offer any type of guarantee or warranty. We are not responsible for any damage, injury or loss associated with the use of these calls.


This first sound is a mix intended to sound like a pack of coyotes that have grabbed a rabbit and are fighting over it while the rabbit squeals and whimpers. Due to the size of this file I had to break it up into two separate files about 3 MB each. Combined run time is about 6 minutes with some pauses throughout the sequence.. Give it a try...

To download, right click on the links below and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" depending on your browser type. You can also just double click on the links and play them:




This is one of my favorites. These are a couple of distressed piggies squeeling and snorting....some very unique distress sounds. This file is big, about 5.5 MB, so it will take a little time to download. Run time is about 8 minutes with about a minute of lead-in silence and a couple of more pauses throughout the sequence. This is real good for those area that have a lot of hunting pressure where the yotes have got wise to the traditional prey sounds...



Worried House Cats:
I have had mixed success with this one, but when coyotes respond they have come in real hot and on a dead run. I think maybe the ones that have tasted house cats before really liked them and are anxious for more.



Siren Locater:
Use this during your scouting ventures to quickly determine if there are coyotes in the area.



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